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The area’s wherein an Audio Visual installation can be incorporated are extensive; whether being in your residential home, a hotel, conference centre or offices; almost every aspect of your normal day to day requirements can be automated or programmed to your specific requirements. Simply put, this means possessing both a sound and a visual component, or another audiovisual expression is the visual presentation of sound. Generally, residential audiovisual encompasses in-ceiling speakers, flat panel TVs, projectors and projector screens. This could include lighting, blinds, cinema rooms.

In a residential application, the audio visual representation would be typically applied in a room or area whereby you have/would like to have a visual representation (TV, home theatre with projector & screen, or security system, etc.) and you require audio to relate to same/to sync with the media device; or whether you have areas whereby you would like audio only (entertainment areas, dining room, kitchen etc.)  so that you can stream your favourite music, without having a visual stimulant as well.

In an office, conference room or boardroom type of application; you may wish to have projector screens or video walls for presentation purposes or a system that can allow you to have conference calls with colleagues whilst sharing media and audio discussions instead of waiting for all parties to be in the same room, and when considering the logistical challenges of getting schedules aligned, this would be advantageous.

When considering the security challenges when there may be multiple boardrooms which may be booked by different companies, or even in the case of residential sharing (for example in a hotel) whereby information relating to the occupant/s or company making use of the space is being reviewed/shown, etc.; the security precautions in terms of the sharing of electronic data or rather to ensure that the presentation or communications do not overlap or be available for accessibility; specific considerations to the protection of your information/data will be incorporated.

Whether you are looking to upgrade an area in your home or for your business purposes; we will ensure the best and most applicable equipment for the area, as well as ensuring the safety of your information.

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