Eco Property

An Eco Home is essentially an environmentally-friendly or environmentally-conscious home, where materials and technology would reduce your carbon footprint and energy consumption. While we cannot do much about the property structure itself; we can address the energy consumption side.

The way in which this would be managed, would be by connecting your devices to our systems that can provide you with information and access to providing commands that will lower the consumption, not necessarily requiring you to micro-manage your household on a weekly, daily or hourly basis for example – although this can be done if you would prefer; but by setting up the system in the most efficient way. One of the biggest misconceptions we have found, is that switching your geyser off completely at times lowers your consumption; however all energy saved during that period is utilized, and more, when turning it on again – thereby heating from cold/room temperature to hot as quickly as possible. Not only is this not the most effective solution, it also would place strain on your geyser, which is worse in winter when the cold/room temperature is naturally lower than during the warmer months.

Lowering the temperature during those same hours to a much lower percentage, and having a set time when it starts to heat to ‘normal’ temperature, would reconcile the purpose to the cause – however this requires a system that can manage the process for you.

The concept further applies to your security lighting, which typically would be left on all day should you have a late meeting/traffic delays, or be out of the house leading into the evening and would prefer to have the front door lighting on when returning; this would not be necessary with a managed system in place whereby you could turn on lighting when leaving the venue, or when nearing the property (or office). This portion would extend into the security system management whereby CCTV cameras can be viewed before arriving at the property and finding yourself in an avoidable situation.

We have these systems available, not only limited to the examples mentioned before, which not only assist in the environmental areas, but by extension to saving electricity and thereby lowering your monthly consumption costs as well.

It has never been easier, or more affordable, to contribute in the conservation of resources.

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