Changing a day to day (or night to night perhaps) automatic action, to a daily experience; why not change the way you perceive the lighting up of your life.

With our wide array of management systems, catering for almost any budget, the ability to create and manage the ambiance in your home or office has never been easier. Whether to dim the lighting because you are holding a candle-lit dinner, and don’t want to trip over the chair after switching off the lights and you cannot see where you are walking because the candle light doesn’t reach the area, being away and for security purposes would prefer that this not be obvious, or even leaving the office and being concerned about you or your employees walking to their vehicles in the dark; your lighting can be completely manageable depending on your requirements.

Not only would you be able to control the lighting with ease, timed scenes can also be programmed to accommodate normal routines; but further giving you the option to customize the system should you be returning home or leaving the office later than normal occasionally, and thereby not wanting to leave your security lighting or front door light on or off for the excess time.

The multiple aspects that can be implemented into your home or office, even with something as simple as automating your lighting, extends further than just simple convenience; the security and cost reduction benefits will convince even the most frugal members of community. Having a managed lighting system will appeal to everyone, whether for security, energy conscious, an image or saving resources; your lighting no longer needs to be the underwhelming task it is currently viewed as.

Some ideas for your Home:

  • Security lighting – switching on the access area lights, front door/gate/garage, etc. when preparing to travel home – thereby not remaining on all day in preparation for your return; or when away can schedule times that the lights switch on and off so it appears as though someone is home.
  • Want to check whether you left a light on – log in to the system and check – and if it is on, turn it off – it really is as simple as that.
  • Have guests coming around and you forgot to switch on the patio lights but need to go let them in, and don’t want to look unprepared perhaps – whilst walking to greet them, quickly switch on lighting in your App.

Some ideas for your Office:

  • Early morning at the office, or staying later than normal or your colleagues and locking up when it is dark; and concerned about the property being watched for the lighting to go off and knowing that there will be at least one person walking in the dark to their vehicles? Keep key lights on whilst locking and leaving, and switch off when you get home; or at your next stop.
  • When having a projected presentation, you can remain seated with your clients and dim the lighting and then restore afterwards, without having to leave your seat.
  • Having an economical lighting system, as an understated mission will reflect well upon your clients; whilst an image tool that does not need to be specifically pointed out.

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