Managed Centrally

 Wirelessly Connect

Smart Applications


This specific system was designed to be affordable, so the luxury of home automation is available to everyone. The system features a modular design, meaning that you can buy what is important in your life, and then in your own time, add additional devices to the automation system.


Programme timed scenes or Sensors/Geo location to activate programming


The IntelliHub® controls your schedules and gives you real-time feedback on all the devices. From battery levels to whether your devices are On or Off. The IntelliHub® is your gateway to your Silux Control® Network and can be remotely controlled from anywhere in the world.)

Programme schedules

Utility Management

The Thermo Stabilizer® gives you control of any water heater / geyser or temperature reliant device. Set specific On / Off times, as well as setting desired temperatures to keep your water at a constant temperature. With real time temperature feedback to the app, easily adjust the Thermo Stabilizer® to suit your life style.

Programme security lighting or access to the property via Geo location


An integrated Security System allows for the monitoring and accessibility to view in real time; with notifications of breaches in security or power failures that may require response action; as well as preparing a property for your arrival/departure by activating security lighting, etc.


Your home or office should operate without you, yet still make your life as comfortable as possible, and there should be no need; once you have created scenes and schedules; for you to interact with the system – it will run seamlessly in the background.

Integrates with Amazon Alexa, Home pod & Google Home

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